Beloved Sessions

I’ve always loved photographs. They aid the mind in recalling memories that may have otherwise been lost. They evoke powerful emotions based on their content. They are used as tools to teach future generations of the past. They enhance a family’s history. Several experiences through out the past year have turned that love into a passion, have made me realize just how powerful photographs are. As I witnessed a husband and wife crying as they looked through photos of their vow renewal, knowing the chances of him living to their anniversary were slim due to his aggressive cancer. As a young mom expressed her gratitude for having pictures of herself with her children, explaining that she doesn’t have many with her own mother, who was taken by cancer much too soon. And then as I experienced this precious gift firsthand when we lost our son at 16 weeks and an amazing photographer and friend was willing to capture the brief time we spent with him: photographs I will cherish for the rest of my life. As I reflected on these experiences I realized that this was a gift I was meant to give, the gift of memories, emotions, history, to those who need it most. 

Beloved Sessions are FREE sessions offered to families with loved ones that have received a terminal diagnosis, to capture a few last memories that will no doubt be cherished for lifetimes.