Meet Kerrisa

headshot-1Hi there, I’m Kerrisa!

I have been a lover of babies for as long as I can remember. Through out the years this took on very different meanings but in college it led to an astonishment and adoration of all things birth (that is after all how every baby enters this world!). At first that meant I was a student nurse hoping to one day work in labor and delivery; however, that plan changed when I found myself with my own baby. The following years my passion for babies and birth kind of took a back burner as I raised my son solo. I eventually met the man I now call my husband, who bought me my first DSLR camera after continually watching me attempt to capture every moment of my son’s life in an artistic manner, on a point and shoot. I started learning everything I could about the art of photography and often did little shoots for family and friends. I was frequently told I should pursue this professionally, but was incredibly intimidated and overwhelmed by the vast amount of talent already in the area. So I learned more. And asked more questions. And took more pictures. And while finessing this art form, I gradually found that I could use photography to fulfill those passions I loved so deeply.

After years of dabbling in photography as a hobby, I made my official entry into the industry in 2015. My passion is in capturing new life and all the changes it brings, from pregnancy and birth to a woman becoming a mother and a couple becoming a family.

When I’m not behind the camera I’m soaking in my own moments of mothering two children alongside my amazingly patient and supportive husband.

In 2015, shortly before I decided to take the leap into the business, I experienced what many would refer to as their worst nightmare. My husband and I lost a son at 16 weeks gestation after an infection took over my uterus and eventually my bloodstream. We were amazingly blessed to have that experience and our very brief time with him captured in photographs. Through my healing, I felt led to ensure that other couples are able to be blessed with the same, should they desire it. I am proud and humbled to be a Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep affiliate photographer.

Kerrisa is a family photographer, focusing on birth and lifestyle photography, living in Lynchburg, VA and serving all of Central Virginia.

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