The 1 in 4 Project: Carolynn

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month. As many of you know, this is near and dear to my heart, as we have experienced multiple losses.

I have been (and will continue to be throughout October) honored to spend time with fellow loss mamas, capturing their stories and love for their babies. Some of these stories will be shared with video, some text, some simply photographs. I welcome you to join in remembering our babies and bringing awareness and normalcy to talking about these short but precious lives.


“After three miscarriages I really thought I would never have any living kids. I am so thankful for my rainbow baby! I always wanted a big family, but being prone to miscarriages makes trying for a baby rough, as it seems to take around 8 months of unprotected sex for me to get pregnant. One thought that always sobers me is that my son would not exist the way he does now if I had not miscarried 7 months before conceiving him. The universe is full of puzzles, isn’t it? I try not to think too much about in that aspect. My husband and I suffered another miscarriage before becoming pregnant with my sixth child who will hopefully be my second live birth. Through it all I grieve, but I have found that there is still joy in grief even at my darkest moments.”
– Carolynn


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