Bringing Hannah Earthside – A Home Water Birth in Lynchburg, VA


Randi is a dear friend of mine. We have walked together through pregnancies as well as multiple losses on both sides. Sweet Hannah is Randi’s 4th living child, but is also a very special rainbow baby. The days (actually weeks) leading up to Hannah’s birth were filled with many neighborhood walks (several late at night) and even more prodromal labor. We actually weren’t 100% positive it was “real” labor until just a couple hours before Hannah made her entrance – Randi was making muffins less than two hours before she was born. But once things did start to pick up, it was fast and intense (in Randi’s words). ¬†Hannah was born in the water and soon after greeted by her siblings in the intimacy of their home.


Can we all just take a second to appreciate this total “mom” moment – Randi is a rockstar of a mom and this is case in point!


I’m starting to dabble in offering video clips along with stills for birth stories and captured a few moments as the kids met their new little sister (no audio.

In celebration of Hannah’s birth, I’m offering the birth affirmations that I made for Randi as a free digital download. You can find them here.

Welcome to the world Hannah Rae!



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