Welcome to the Blog! (Free Pocket Motherhood Affirmations Download!)

Welcome to the blog! I can’t wait to use this to share so many things with you. I’m going to kick it off with a freebie! Over the weekend I had the opportunity to attend Lynchburg’s first inaugural Milkapalooza as a vendor with the Central Virginia Birth Collaborative. If you came by to see us you probably left with one of my motherhood/breastfeeding affirmation cards. I fell in love with affirmations while preparing for the birth of my daughter in 2016. I recently put together a large set of birth affirmations (download coming soon) for a friend who will be birthing her daughter any day now. While I was making hers, I came up with the idea to create some that focused more on motherhood and breastfeeding so that I could hand them out at Milkapalooza. They were so well received I wanted to make them accessible to anyone anywhere, not just those who were able to attend the event. And so, I present you with the FREE MOTHERHOOD AFFIRMATIONS DOWNLOAD!